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From the plan to the image – the making of an icon

From the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens. The making of an icon, from the wooden board up! 20 minutes of fun.

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Museum Of Russian Icons Announces Partnership With The British Museum

It is a great shame that the British Museum has so few icons in its collection, but those that it does have are of major significance, and can now be viewed in the online catalogue of the Museum of Russian … Continue reading

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Byzantium and Islam Age of Transition March 14–July 8, 2012

This new exhibition in New Yorks’ Metropolitan Museum looks like it will be a cracker. If you are in the city over the next few months do visit and tell us what you think. From the Met’s site …. The … Continue reading

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Byzantine Prayer Box Found in Jerusalem Dig

 The miniature box adorned with cross dates from 6-7 century AD. It contains two icons surrounded by gold leaf. By Gil Ronen First Published in IsraelNationalNews.com 27 Oct 2011 Archaeologists in Jerusalem discovered a miniature Christian prayer box that dates … Continue reading

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Two crimson codes from Berat to be exposed in Sofia during XXII International Congress of Byzantine Studies

Sofia. Two crimson codes from Tirana, dated back to the VI and IX century, will be exposed during the exposition themed ‘The Brilliance of Byzantium. Greek Illuminated Manuscripts from the Balkans VI –XVIII’ held in the frames of the XXII … Continue reading

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Unlike art, icons are to be adored

All the icons in the Empire of Byzantium were burnt, smashed or whitewashed 1,200 years ago. Only a handful survived, from territory where the Emperor’s writ did not run. One, of Christ as the Ruler of All, (below) was kept … Continue reading

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The miraculous icon of the Virgin from Chełm

This paper is written entirely in French but having used my best schoolboy French I think it is worthwhile posting for those that have mastered the language better than I. The icon is known as Kholmska Bohorodytsya, the Icon of the … Continue reading

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Alexios and Anghelos Apokafkos: Constantinopolitan painters in Crete (1399-1421): documents from the state archives in Venice

This academic paper is most interesting as it brings to life two talented individuals who came from a respected Byzantine family. The paper was presented by  Maria Constantoudaki-Kitromilides, University of Athens at the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies which … Continue reading

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Byzantium: From Antiquity to the Renaissance

A new book by Thomas F Mathews. Described by Amazon as follows: “With images culled from eleven hundred years of history, this comprehensive survey explores the Byzantine empires vast range of artistic splendours that indelibly informed the art of modern … Continue reading

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Icons and the Practice of Prayer – Rowan Williams

As we approach Easter, here is another chance to listen to this fascinating talk by the Archbishop of Canterbury, His Grace Dr Rowan Williams. Icons are – among other things – practical aids to meditative prayer, and painted in a … Continue reading

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A Sinai Illuminated Manuscript of the Heavenly Ladder: Spiritual Ascents through Art

Father Justin, Librarian of the Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sinai, discusses how the illuminated manuscript of The Ladder of Divine Ascent provides insights into the spirituality of Sinai and the theology of art in the Orthodox Church. Supported by The … Continue reading

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Icons and Iconoclasm: Religious Imagery in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Another audio recording from events running along with the Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition Listen here. You will have to download but it is only 30 Mb. In contrast to the polytheistic religions and their exuberant depictions of their many gods, Christianity, Judaism … Continue reading

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The origins of the Russian religious icon

Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon travels through time to unlock the world of Russian art. In this episode he explores the origins of the Russian religious icon. This is available for only three more days on BBC iPlayer – act quickly … Continue reading

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If You Are in the Vicinity of Novgorod …

Novgorod (population 215,000) is on the M10 federal highway connecting Moscow and St Petersburg (590km from Moscow and 190 from St Petersburg). The city lies along the Volkhov River just below its outflow from Lake Ilmen. One of most ancient … Continue reading

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