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Podcast: A Sinai Illuminated Manuscript of the Heavenly Ladder – Spiritual Ascents through Art

I am reposting this as it is one of the best talks you can find about one of the greatest of icons. Father Justin, Librarian of the Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sinai, discusses how the illuminated manuscript of The Ladder … Continue reading

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New! The History of Byzantium podcast

Those of us who followed Mike Duncan’s excellent The History of Rome podcast were pretty distraught when he ended the podcast just a few weeks ago after four years and nearly 200 episodes during which Mike set a new standard … Continue reading

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The Pelagian Controversy

“The last few minutes of this week’s programme revealed what had been under the surface for much of the time, which was the very opposed views on Augustine held by Martin Palmer and John Milbank. I think John Milbank, who … Continue reading

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Christian Themes in Art: The First Christian Art and its Early Developments

I suppose many of us like to think that the age of the internet has opened up access to new resources, giving us free access to things that were once only available to the privileged. This is obviously a truism, … Continue reading

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The time of Constantine approaches – The History of Rome

Many of you will know that I am a great fan of Mike Duncan’s wonderful award-winning podcast, and labour of love, The History of Rome. The latest episodes have now gone beyond the end of the crisis of the 3rd … Continue reading

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Roman Quantitative Easing – QEII

The timing of the episode of  Mike Duncan’s ‘The History of Rome’ about the Emperor Gallienus, and his well meant attempts to ensure stability amongst his troops by opening new mints and ‘printing’ money was pretty ironic, coming as it … Continue reading

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Introducing Librivox – Decline and Fall by Gibbon

As some of you may know I am a bit of a podcast fan. I listen to a number from the BBC and of course the excellent weekly podcast on the History of Rome by Mike Duncan. All free and … Continue reading

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