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Sicily culture and conquest – exhibition at the British Museum

Sicily fills the mind with vivid images: Al Pacino on a dusty hillside, shotgun over his shoulder, in “The Godfather”, or Burt Lancaster, “The Leopard” himself, pronouncing “Everything must change so that everything can stay the same.” But things have … Continue reading

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West Meets East: Looking for Byzantium in Italy

If you want a change from reports of British cycling success in the Tour de France (well done Wiggo!) or the Olympics, then you could follow the exploits of PhD student Frank McGough as he tours round Italy this summer … Continue reading

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Normans of the South

Last night’s episode of the excellent series was magnificent. A great story well presented, with many quotes from Anna Comnena, and images of amazing art and conquest. As Prof Bartlett said: ‘Once beaten the Normans just disappeared; they assimilated but … Continue reading

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The Normans by Professor Robert Bartlett

This series is interesting in its own right and of course later in the series we will have the inevitable clash with the Byzantine empire. In the first episode of an exciting three-part series, Professor Robert Bartlett explores how the … Continue reading

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