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Christian Themes in Art: The First Christian Art and its Early Developments

I suppose many of us like to think that the age of the internet has opened up access to new resources, giving us free access to things that were once only available to the privileged. This is obviously a truism, … Continue reading

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Banishing Eve

This series will cover the role of Byzantium and the Orthodox Church in the role of women in Christianity. Historian Bettany Hughes (yes her again – she has been busy!) uses the latest scholarship to take us back to the … Continue reading

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Icons and Iconoclasm: Religious Imagery in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Another audio recording from events running along with the Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition Listen here. You will have to download but it is only 30 Mb. In contrast to the polytheistic religions and their exuberant depictions of their many gods, Christianity, Judaism … Continue reading

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