Alexios and Anghelos Apokafkos: Constantinopolitan painters in Crete (1399-1421): documents from the state archives in Venice

This academic paper is most interesting as it brings to life two talented individuals who came from a respected Byzantine family.

The paper was presented by  Maria Constantoudaki-Kitromilides, University of Athens at the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies which took place in London 21-26 August 2006.

“The two Constantinopolitan painters Alexios Apokafkos and Anghelos Apokafkos were active in Crete during a prosperous period of the Venetian rule of the island. Their well known Byzantine surname suggests that they belonged to the broader family of Apokafkoi (Apokaukoi), whose most illustrious members were the metropolitan of Nafpaktos Ioannis Apokafkos (ca. 1155 -1233) and the megas doux Alexios Apokafkos (end of 13th cent.-1345). Besides the name, we know of the Constantinopolitan origin of Alexios Apokafkos from other sources. Nevertheless, we lack specific information about the immediate lineage of the two painters or the conditions under which they left the Byzantine capital.”

Read the complete paper here.


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