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History of Byzantium by John Scylitzes

Full of beautiful Greek handwritten text, and lively, colourful images, this famous work by John Scylitzes is available to view digitally on the World Digital Library. If you are very brave you can download the full 138 Mb pdf. This … Continue reading

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Historical novels from Marie Heese and Ross Laidlaw

I have just returned from walking Hadrian’s Wall – which I highly recommend – during which I decided to read some Roman historical fiction, and I thought I would share these books with you. by Tom Sawford I came across … Continue reading

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Recent wordscene posts about Mystras

We have recently featured some of Peter Webscott’s posts from his blog ‘wordscene‘. He mailed me a few days ago to highlight a couple more about Mystras. I hope you enjoy them. They include some good original photographs. Mystras: last … Continue reading

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Byzantine Women – The Princess Theophano and Introducing the fork into Europe

By Laura Diaz-Arnesto, a fan of Byzantium With the arrival of the Macedonian dynasty to the imperial throne (ruled from 867 to 1056), the Byzantine Empire reached its height both on political and cultural grounds. The cities of the Empire … Continue reading

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A Byzantine emperor visits England

My blog is not like some which appear to be daily collections of thoughts or experiences from life. Preparing a new blog post can take quite some time, and my backlog goes back to about November of 2009! However, I … Continue reading

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The Final Hours and Last Eucharist

A very busy time at work of late has mean that I have not been able to keep up with the blog as well as I would have liked. To cap it all I go away just as the siege … Continue reading

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The Siege of Constantinople One Month On

The siege of Constantinople has now been in place for just over one month. We left the story when we discussed the development of the Sultan’s artillery under the Hungarian, Urban (which would prove crucial to the final Fall of … Continue reading

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