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Viking Neighbourhood Found Near Istanbul

Archaeologists conducting a study for evidence of Vikings near the city of Istanbul (formerly the Byzantine capital of Constantinople) have suggested the discovery of a Viking neighbourhood, reports Heritage Daily. The study has focused on the ancient city of Bathonea … Continue reading

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If You Are in the Vicinity of Novgorod …

Novgorod (population 215,000) is on the M10 federal highway connecting Moscow and St Petersburg (590km from Moscow and 190 from St Petersburg). The city lies along the Volkhov River just below its outflow from Lake Ilmen. One of most ancient … Continue reading

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White Stone Architecture of the Old Rus’

The Old Rus’ has left us its amazing white-stone monuments of architecture; the magnificent cathedrals of Vladimir and modest churches of the Moscow Region, constructed of white limestone, embodied their epoch with the stone handwriting of builders, whose talent in … Continue reading

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