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Over 60 pristine shipwrecks, many Byzantine, found in Black Sea

What claims to be the biggest ever maritime expedition, led by British Professor Jon Adams of the University of Southampton, set off to investigate climate change in the Black Sea three years ago, but found many ancient shipwrecks as well. … Continue reading

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A very long way from home: early Byzantine finds at the far ends of the world

Through the wonders of the complex web and links of social media I came across this post the other day by Dr Caitlin Green on her personal website. She is a historian and writer whose professional interests lie in the … Continue reading

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Christmas Day diversion – In Our Time Byzantium

If you need some diversion from food family and fatuous television this Christmas, you might like to listen to this BBC Radio 4 In Our Time programme from 2001, where Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the culture, history and legacy … Continue reading

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Ancient textiles from the East in Western churches and museums

Julianna Lees is compiling a list of Eastern textiles pre-1200 in Western churches & cathedrals, and a photographic resource to go with it. She is interested in Silk Road influence, Sassanian fragments, Byzantine, shrouds, etc. On her Flickr site she … Continue reading

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Holidaying in Amalfi and finding Byzantium

When we think of the Amalfi coast most will think of spectacularly beautiful, and fashionable towns clinging to precipitous rock faces, expensive hotels, and maybe even the odd film star walking the streets of Amalfi or Positano. Made popular as … Continue reading

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Was the Ottoman Empire really history’s longest-lasting empire?

It was one of the most resilient empires in world history, but how did it start? And why did it end? This article was first published in the May 2016 issue of History Revealed Was the Ottoman Empire really history’s … Continue reading

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New Book: Greek Fire and its contribution to Byzantine might

We have all heard of Greek Fire. We know of the contribution that it made to certain naval victories for the Byzantines, wreaking terrible destruction on those on the receiving end. Little however is known about the weapon. How was … Continue reading

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