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Church of Saint Georgi (George), Kurbinovo, Prespa, Republic of Macedonia

I made a recent visit to beautiful Lake Ohrid to walk parts of the Via Egnatia and to see as many of the famous churches and icons as possible. A local guide recommended a visit to one of the least … Continue reading

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The wonder that is Ohrid

I suppose it is a good thing to aim to be objective in life. It shows wisdom and maturity, and an ability to balance all the arguments. For me however, all objectivity vanishes when I think of Ohrid! The setting … Continue reading

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Walking back to Byzantium along the Via Egnatia

Have you ever fancied going to Albania? Would you like to walk the route of a famous – and in places intact – Roman road to Byzantium? Visit the Byzantine marvels at Ohrid and experience the sheer romanticism of Lake … Continue reading

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Join in the dig at ancient Stobi, Macedonia with Balkan Heritage Field School!

In 2010, The Balkan Heritage Field School is offering you the opportunity to participate in different digs and expeditions connected to the Byzantine culture in Southeastern Europe. You can make Byzantium ‘live’ for you today; by continuing your archaeological studies … Continue reading

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Join the Byzantine digs and expeditions of Balkan Heritage in South Eastern Europe!

I started this blog to make Byzantium ‘live’ for people today. Far from being an obscure subject to be left only to dry academic research (which can sometimes be non-inclusive), I have tried to show that Byzantium does live for … Continue reading

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Via Egnatia Slideshow – Albania & Macedonia

I am just testing out a new feature from WordPress that should enable me to display photos on the blog as a slide show. Some random pictures here from my Via Egnatia trip to Albania and Macedonia in 2009. Related … Continue reading

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myByzantine Blog One Year On

I could not let the first anniversary of myByzantine blog pass without some comment. What started as an attempt to discover whether there was much interest in the subject of Byzantium beyond academia, has developed into something important to me, … Continue reading

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The Greek-Macedonian dispute – time to return to the drawing board?

This is a long but interesting piece by Spyros A. Sofos, a Senior Research Fellow in International Politics at the Helen Bamber Centre for the Study of Rights, Conflict and Mass Violence of Kingston University, London. For those who have an … Continue reading

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Mizar & Harmosini hor – Konstantinopol (2010)

Interesting … Similar to Yugo-nostalgia, the nostalgia for the common Byzantine past can sometimes transcend some of the barriers erected through modern nationalism and racism in the Balkans. Mizar, a cult rock band that uses Macedonian traditional music and Orthodox … Continue reading

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Destination Byzantium! The 2010 Via Egnatia Caravan

The dates for the Via Egnatia Foundation’s 2010 trek along the ancient Via Egnatia have been announced. The destination is Istanbul; through the mythical Golden Gate, and maybe ending at Hagia Sophia? Note: the first leg started on 2 May … Continue reading

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Walking to Find Byzantium

I have waited until now to catch-up on the walk I have just completed with a group from the Via Egnatia Foundation. Warning this is a long post! I thought I needed time to reflect before putting finger to keyboard. … Continue reading

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Discovery of the Via Egnatia Commences!

We are all entering into the unknown. We have to build the group and make sure that our mules and donkeys behave! The route of the road is not so well known so I guess we will be doing some work to try to clarify it and map it a little better. Such a diverse group of people are bound to come up with ideas for the future: archeological work; cultural endeavours; long distance footpath development etc. Continue reading

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