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Over 60 pristine shipwrecks, many Byzantine, found in Black Sea

What claims to be the biggest ever maritime expedition, led by British Professor Jon Adams of the University of Southampton, set off to investigate climate change in the Black Sea three years ago, but found many ancient shipwrecks as well. … Continue reading

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Ancient Ottoman and Byzantine shipwrecks discovered in pristine condition in Black Sea

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project has been on a mission to map out the floor of the Black Sea. The study was geared towards understanding how quickly sea levels rose at the end of the last Ice Age, some … Continue reading

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A Byzantine cold case file! Join the Byzantine monastery dig at Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea

In 2010, The Balkan Heritage Field School is offering you the opportunity to participate in different digs and expeditions connected to the Byzantine culture in Southeastern Europe. You can make Byzantium ‘live’ for you today; by taking a holiday on … Continue reading

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Bettany Hughes Uncovers Istanbul

Thirty years after her first visit, the historian returns to find hidden treasures in the European Capital of Culture for 2010 Firecrackers and cars do not typically mix. But when one of Istanbul’s football teams wins, the traffic in the … Continue reading

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