Byzantium: From Antiquity to the Renaissance

A new book by Thomas F Mathews.

Described by Amazon as follows:

Byzantium: From Antiquity to the Renaissance by Thomas F Mathews

“With images culled from eleven hundred years of history, this comprehensive survey explores the Byzantine empires vast range of artistic splendours that indelibly informed the art of modern Europe. Renowned scholar Thomas Mathews emphasizes that the Byzantines interest in humanism and painting the human figure became the essential bridge between classical and renaissance Europe. Starting with a brief history of Byzantium as a basis for understanding Byzantine theology and art, he places the empires artistic development within a broad cultural and historical context. Featuring more than one hundred colour plates of mosaics, metalwork, architecture, frescoes and religious artefacts, as well as maps, diagrams, and a timeline, this definitive work provides a complete yet succinct introduction to the full range of Byzantine art and iconography.”

The author seems to have a good pedigree:

“Thomas F. Mathews is John Langeloth Loeb Professor in the History of Art at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. The author of numerous books on Byzantine art, including The Clash of Gods, Treasures in Heaven, and The Byzantine Churches of Istanbul, he is also a contributor to The Glory of Byzantium (Yale).”

Maybe worth buying for the pictures alone.

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1 Response to Byzantium: From Antiquity to the Renaissance

  1. LauraDAL says:

    Indeed a very nice book. Introductory in somes aspects, and quite educational in others. It’s chapters are arranged by themes rather than time periods. Lots of beautiful illustrations. I have the 1998 ed., and is always a good reference.
    Thanks for posting!

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