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The Siege Update – Moving the Navy by Road

We need to catch up a little on the siege which has been running for over six weeks now and, as we know, is soon to reach its bloody climax.    After the defeat of Baltoglu and his fleet by … Continue reading

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Bettany Hughes Uncovers Istanbul

Thirty years after her first visit, the historian returns to find hidden treasures in the European Capital of Culture for 2010 Firecrackers and cars do not typically mix. But when one of Istanbul’s football teams wins, the traffic in the … Continue reading

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The Siege of Constantinople – An Update

The Sultan decided to concentrate his fire to achieve a greater effect. Remember some of his cannon were so large they they could only fire a round every few hours. He needed what modern commanders would call ‘concentration of effort’. When all cannon were in place the bombardment then continued unabated until the night before the Fall, that is for another forty eight days. Just think what it would have been like to live with the threat of cannon firing at your home all the time. Given that the citizens of Constantinople had never experience this before, you have to recognise how amazing the human spirit is to adapt so quickly in a fight for survival. Continue reading

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