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Ravenna – the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

I follow Peter Webscott’s Wordscene blog with great interest. Peter and I have been in contact over the years and I bow to the superior, and original, quality of his work. Ravenna is one of my favourite places. A lovely … Continue reading

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Can you help? The relevance of the monogram embroidered on Byzantine over-cloaks

Given that we have a pretty wide readership, and many of you are academics, I wonder if anyone can answer a question posed by blog correspondent Dave about monograms that appear in mosaics, particularly at Ravenna. If you can help … Continue reading

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Ravenna and San Vitale are the Hot Topics – Now Over 2,000 Visits

Just a quick note to say that we have now had over two thousand visitors since the blog opened in April this year. It took us five months to gather our first one thousand visits, but only three months for the … Continue reading

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Mosaic Hunting in Northern Italy

We have just made our final arrangements to go on a holiday to northern Italy to seek out the Byzantine treasures of Aquileia, Venice, and Ravenna. I am looking forward to relaxing and exploring the sights despite the weakness of … Continue reading

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