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The Romans as Viewed by Arabic Authors in the 9th and 10th Centuries A.D.

This paper appears in the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (Special Issue) Vol. 3, No. 10 (2012) and is by Elias Giannakis. Introduction: Of the peoples that the Arabic authors of the 9th and 10th century showed special interest were … Continue reading

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Byzantium and Islam Age of Transition March 14–July 8, 2012

This new exhibition in New Yorks’ Metropolitan Museum looks like it will be a cracker. If you are in the city over the next few months do visit and tell us what you think. From the Met’s site …. The … Continue reading

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Palestine under Persian, Byzantine and Arab Rule: 24 years, 3 empires, and 1 new faith

By Professor Isaiah Gafni and published in My Jewish Learning The following article is from A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People edited by Eli Barnavi and published by Schocken Books. The early decades of the seventh century C.E. comprised … Continue reading

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Crusades, Islam and Byzantium – Conference Call for Papers

Venues: German Historical Institute London; Institute of Historical Research, London Date: 8-9 July 2011 Organisers: The Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East; The German Historical Institute London; The Institute of Historical Research, London; The London … Continue reading

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The Siege of Constantinople One Month On

The siege of Constantinople has now been in place for just over one month. We left the story when we discussed the development of the Sultan’s artillery under the Hungarian, Urban (which would prove crucial to the final Fall of … Continue reading

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Nineteenth Annual Runciman Lecture – Byzantine Architecture reconfigured in early Islamic Syria

Professor Robert Hillenbrand The Great Hall at Kings’ College, London was packed again this year as over 250 people enjoyed the lecture by Professor Robert Hillenbrand. The subject matter of “Byzantine Architecture reconfigured in early Islamic Syria” did not at … Continue reading

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Icons and Iconoclasm: Religious Imagery in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Another audio recording from events running along with the Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition Listen here. You will have to download but it is only 30 Mb. In contrast to the polytheistic religions and their exuberant depictions of their many gods, Christianity, Judaism … Continue reading

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