This page links to videos about Byzantium that I have found on the web. Please take a look.

Bettany Hughes Video Pages – as much video by the history goddess as I can find!

Byzantium: The Lost Empire – a five part series

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire – a three part series

If the links are broken it is because this is external content and I have no control over this.

BBC’s Chronicle – The Fall of Constantinople

John Julius Norwich (who wrote the excellent and accessible trilogy on the history of Byzantium) tells the dramatic story of the fall of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire, followed by the rise of the Ottoman Turks in the 15th Century. Using monuments in Istanbul to show the formidable artistic and intellectual achievements of the Byzantines, Norwich vividly describes the last scenes of Greek Orthodox Christianity from within the Hagia Sophia.

Click the picture to play.

Hagia Sophia: Dome Secrets

New Single – Mizar & Harmosini hor – Konstantinopol (2010)

Conversations with History – Edward N. Luttwak

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2 Responses to Video

  1. I am producer of the 5-episode documentary on the Long Anastasian Wall. We would like to install some short 3- 4- minutes promo of the film in this site, which we highly appreciate. How we could do it?

  2. proverbs6to10 says:

    Hello Alexi. That sounds quite exciting. I will email you.

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