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The Importance of Turkey

This week Turkey was in the news as President Obama chose to make his first state visit to the secular republic which is the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire. It was significant, as despite his many visits to countries in Europe following the G20 meeting, Turkey was chosen by Obama for the full pomp and circumstance, and significance that goes with it of a state visit. Continue reading

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Byzantium and Leadership in a Crisis

“There is nothing more conducive to the destruction of a nation, whether it be republic or monarchy, than the lack of men of wisdom and intellect. When a republic has many citizens, or a monarchy many ministers, of high quality it quickly recovers from those losses that are brought about by misfortune. When such men are lacking, it falls into the very depths of disgrace. That is why I deplore the present state of the Empire which, having produced so many excellent men in the past, has now been reduced to such a level of sterility that today’s governors possess nothing to elevate them above those whom they govern.” Continue reading

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Welcome to My Byzantine Blog

How do you start a blog? What pearls of wisdom can one offer to amuse, educate, and inform the thousands of readers that you expect will flock to read your musings about your chosen subject? (Pause for effect) … I … Continue reading

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