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Holidaying in Amalfi and finding Byzantium

When we think of the Amalfi coast most will think of spectacularly beautiful, and fashionable towns clinging to precipitous rock faces, expensive hotels, and maybe even the odd film star walking the streets of Amalfi or Positano. Made popular as … Continue reading

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In Bulgaria, Roman Grandeur East of Italy

The Balkans define the meeting of East and West, between what we know as the Western Roman Empire and the so-called Byzantine Empire. The fault line of history and different religious orthodoxies, A true melting pot of cultures which has … Continue reading

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West Meets East: Looking for Byzantium in Italy

If you want a change from reports of British cycling success in the Tour de France (well done Wiggo!) or the Olympics, then you could follow the exploits of PhD student Frank McGough as he tours round Italy this summer … Continue reading

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Church of Saint Georgi (George), Kurbinovo, Prespa, Republic of Macedonia

I made a recent visit to beautiful Lake Ohrid to walk parts of the Via Egnatia and to see as many of the famous churches and icons as possible. A local guide recommended a visit to one of the least … Continue reading

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Recent wordscene posts about Mystras

We have recently featured some of Peter Webscott’s posts from his blog ‘wordscene‘. He mailed me a few days ago to highlight a couple more about Mystras. I hope you enjoy them. They include some good original photographs. Mystras: last … Continue reading

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Byzantium and Islam Age of Transition March 14–July 8, 2012

This new exhibition in New Yorks’ Metropolitan Museum looks like it will be a cracker. If you are in the city over the next few months do visit and tell us what you think. From the Met’s site …. The … Continue reading

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What Byzantine related sites would you visit in Central Europe?

Can we help Alex plan a ‘Byzantine pilgrimage’ to central Europe this summer? Add your suggestions and comments … Hi Tom, Great site. I’ve been studying Byzantine history for some years now and the site adds interesting facets to my … Continue reading

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