Something for the weekend: relax and listen to a Byzantine podcast

Although the subject of Byzantium is not well served by podcasts, we do have some examples and others that relate indirectly to the subject.

The blog has a few examples and I thought that I would bring them to your attention as you settle down for the weekend. Some you can subscribe to and download via iTunes. Others you may have to listen to at your computer as you do other tasks or download the files and then play through your media player – these you should be able to transfer to an iPod, probably as a ‘music’ track – that’s the way it works!

Visit the Podcast section to review all our articles and to access the individual items. They range from Judith Herrin presenting the 18th Annual Runciman Lecture, through podcasts associated with the wonderful Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition, to the flawed, but entertaining podcast by Lars Brownworth ‘Twelve Byzantine Rulers’

If all else fails subscribe to the wonderful History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan; this ‘amateur’ shows how it should be done. For lovers of fine voices watch my friend Mateja Gorjup from Slovenia singing a haunting traditional song in an old Orthodox church in Svete Gore.

Put your feet up and enjoy!

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