Agora the movie

Although criticised by some for historical inaccuracy and taking liberties with social structures, and by others for “promoting hatred of Christians and reinforcing false clichés about the Catholic Church.”, we should perhaps celebrate the fact that movies can be made that relay the story of key events in the Roman and Byzantine empires.

Agora, which was released by Paramount Pictures in 2009 and has just opened in the UK, is a story about the female pagan philosopher Hypatia who lived in Alexandria in the late 4th century AD and her struggle with the firebrand Bishop Cyril of Alexandria. It leads to her violent death by the mob and (once again!) the destruction of the library of Alexandria (a conundrum addressed by Mike Duncan in his History of Rome 100th episode podcast – when was the library destroyed and by whom?)

Hypatia’s story was highlighted by Bettany Hughes in her recent Channel 4 programme Alexandria: The Greatest City.

Watch the movie trailer!

The official movie website is here.

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