Recent wordscene posts about Mystras

We have recently featured some of Peter Webscott’s posts from his blog ‘wordscene‘. He mailed me a few days ago to highlight a couple more about Mystras. I hope you enjoy them. They include some good original photographs.

Mystras: last outpost of Byzantium – looking out over the ramparts

Mystras: last outpost of Byzantium – the Palaces of the Despot

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Interested in Byzantium and Patrick Leigh Fermor
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1 Response to Recent wordscene posts about Mystras

  1. Hi Tom,

    Many thanks for re-blogging these two posts of mine.

    I have another couple of blog post to do on Mystras yet, one on the churches and a final one on the frescoes. Just need to finish my current series of posts on Tolstoy’s estate at Yasnaya Polyana!


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