What Byzantine related sites would you visit in Central Europe?

Can we help Alex plan a ‘Byzantine pilgrimage’ to central Europe this summer? Add your suggestions and comments …

Hi Tom,

Great site. I’ve been studying Byzantine history for some years now and the site adds interesting facets to my learning. A question for you and the other scholars here: We are planning a vacation this summer, beginning in Prague and then down to Austria and up northwesterly through Germany. Are there sites along that general route that would be must-see destinations for a pilgrim searching out Byzantine history?

Thanks so much!


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7 Responses to What Byzantine related sites would you visit in Central Europe?

  1. ergamenis says:

    The region to be visited by Alex was outside the borders of the Byzantine Empire.
    However, there were both cultural and spiritual, political and human exchanges between the Germanic and Slavonic worlds and the Easter Roman Empire.
    For the latter, why not check the publications in the journal ByzantinoSlavica?
    For the former:
    1. There are surely Byzantine objects and Byzantine-inspired local artifacts in German and Austrian museums. Perhaps the exhibition in Lower Austria that starts this month and will be on until November will showcase such objects: http://www.schallaburg.at/en/exhibitions?
    2. Should I remind of the related entry in your own blog: https://mybyzantine.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/byzantine-women-–-the-princess-theophano-and-introducing-the-fork-into-europe/ ?
    Have a fine Sunday!

  2. proverbs6to10 says:

    Alex – I would add the wonderful Tabula Peutingeriana which is found in the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Hofburg, Vienna. There are guided tours of the library. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabula_Peutingeriana and http://www.onb.ac.at/ev/services/tours.htm

  3. As Ergamenis said, this travel plan does not involve any part of the former byzantine dominions, but there are some places that you could go.

    The Imperial Chapel of Charlemagne in Aachen is a must-see. Its pretty much inspired in imperial chapels of the Great Palace in Constantinople.

    Trier has also some late-roman buildings that might be interesting.

    Have a great trip!

  4. proverbs6to10 says:

    Trier is a must see – wonderful.

  5. Alex Barry says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your interest in my question, and your excellent suggestions. I know I’ll have to travel further east and southeast to really walk the lands of the former Empire, and that trip is in my future. For now I’ll try to incorporate your suggestions on the currently planned trip. I already had determined to revisit Charlemagne’s cathedral and tomb. I was previously there in 1994, but had not yet begun my interest in Byzantium, and collaterally, the HRE and the Crusades. I’ll see the site with new appreciation this time. I’m sure!

  6. The Bode-Museum in Berlin has good Byzantine objects.

  7. proverbs6to10 says:

    From Laura Diaz-Arnesto …

    Hi Alex,

    As you know, the Ottonian period is considered a first climax of Byzantine artistic influence in Western Europe. Don’t know how much up north westerly through Germany are you going to go, but if you reach Cologne you might consider visiting St Panteleon Church (http://www.sacred-destinations.com/germany/cologne-st-pantaleon), where the Princess Teophanu is buried.

    Good journey, travel safe!

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