West Meets East: Looking for Byzantium in Italy

If you want a change from reports of British cycling success in the Tour de France (well done Wiggo!) or the Olympics, then you could follow the exploits of PhD student Frank McGough as he tours round Italy this summer searching for Byzantium on his West Meets East blog.

He already has quite a few posts with some nice photographs. Currently he appears to be in Sicily which of course has many Norman/Byzantine splendours.

My own tour of Italy a couple of years ago produced a series of reports if you want to catch up with them again.

The excellent and oft missed Grado, Aquileia, Concordia – see my report here https://mybyzantine.wordpress.com/2009/11/08/mosaic-hunting-aquileia-grado-and-concordia/

Also Venice and Torcello island in the lagoon (stunning) – https://mybyzantine.wordpress.com/photographs/venice-torcello/

And a report about the Byzantine treasures in Sienna – https://mybyzantine.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/the-byzantine-treasury-of-the-hospital-of-santa-maria-della-scala-in-sienna/
Read Frank’s blog here.

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