Walking back to Byzantium along the Via Egnatia

Have you ever fancied going to Albania? Would you like to walk the route of a famous – and in places intact – Roman road to Byzantium? Visit the Byzantine marvels at Ohrid and experience the sheer romanticism of Lake Ohrid? Then your luck is in as the Via Egnatia Foundation are in the early stages of planning a walk in May 2011.

The likely route is from Elbasan in Albania to Ohrid in Macedonia. There is the possibility of doing the walk in reverse as well, giving a couple of date options.

Full details have yet to be finalised but you can at least register your interest with them by visiting the Via Egnatia Foundation website and telling them you would like to know more.

Some of you know that I made this walk in 2009. You can read an account of my journey here. I hope to make the walk again this year. It will be of interest to those with an interest in Byzantium and those who like Patrick Leigh Fermor: he was a liaison officer in Albania at the start of WW2 and visited Ohrid and its Byzantine churches and chapels in the 1960’s.

Some video of our adventure in 2009:

Dancing in Dardhe

A composite video of the route to Ohrid

Some fool singing The Lumberjack Song

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