Mizar & Harmosini hor – Konstantinopol (2010)

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Similar to Yugo-nostalgia, the nostalgia for the common Byzantine past can sometimes transcend some of the barriers erected through modern nationalism and racism in the Balkans.

Mizar, a cult rock band that uses Macedonian traditional music and Orthodox Christian chant in much of their work, recently released a new single, “Konstantinopol,” featuring Harmosini Choir. YouTube user vizantijamk created an unofficial video clip using a number of depictions of the siege and fall of Constantinople in 1453, including a modern romanticist, kitschy image of the last Greek-speaking emperor riding a horse on the battlements (minute 0:16). Article continues here.

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2 Responses to Mizar & Harmosini hor – Konstantinopol (2010)

  1. Agapetos says:

    The whole album just oozes with beautiful and haunting melodies.

  2. Sascha says:

    I’m very interested in the CD “Mizar i Harmosini: Deteto i beloto more”, but I have no idea how I can get this CD. I don’t want to download the music.
    Could someone give me some informations about a shop (online) or the current record label of Mizar?
    Thank you in advance!

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