Via Egnatia Slideshow – Albania & Macedonia

I am just testing out a new feature from WordPress that should enable me to display photos on the blog as a slide show. Some random pictures here from my Via Egnatia trip to Albania and Macedonia in 2009.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Via Egnatia


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2 Responses to Via Egnatia Slideshow – Albania & Macedonia

  1. proverbs6to10 says:

    Well I have tried this and have decided that it is probably best left to dedicated pages. It appears to affect the loading of the whole Home page at least; slows it down.

  2. Worked for me! But if there were captions I didn’t see them or know how to click them up….I’ve spent a lot of time in Skopje and in Ohrid over the last 2 decades. While the “Macedonian Sea” (Lake Ohrid) remains as beautiful and gilded as ever, the modern town has become frightful (first visited in 1986, last visited in 2008), as much devastated by the collapse of a viable Yugo economy and the loss of agricultural production as by the (consequent) over-reliance on a tourist economy that threatens to overwhelm the precious UNESCO-protected (one hopes) ancient core. My heart broke to find the seaside promenade turning into a parking lot.

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