Ravenna and San Vitale are the Hot Topics – Now Over 2,000 Visits

Just a quick note to say that we have now had over two thousand visitors since the blog opened in April this year. It took us five months to gather our first one thousand visits, but only three months for the second thousand!

The ‘hot topic’ that seems to draw people in currently is interest in Justinian, and the mosaics in Ravenna, in particular San Vitale.

I hope that the good news for those interested in this subject is that I will write about that in the continuing series about our Mosaic Hunting trip to northern Italy. First up will be the report on Venice and Torcello. Hopefully the Ravenna report will appear around Christmas.

I am glad that so many find the blog of interest in so many different ways, and I look forward to offering up more news, views and perspectives of Byzantium over the coming months. It never ceases to fascinate me. Please remember that you can make comments, praising or being critical, at any time. If you would like to submit your own articles, news or views please contact me tsawford[at]btinternet.com and we can work something out.

Your, wishing he had a time machine to travel to Byzantium, blogger,


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2 Responses to Ravenna and San Vitale are the Hot Topics – Now Over 2,000 Visits

  1. Hello, Tom!
    I have been so enjoying your posts — particularly those with a mosaic bent. You do such a lovely job of explaining the context for everything you come upon. It makes things come alive, you know?
    I am an editor with Mosaic Art Now (www.mosaicartnow.com) and blog at http://mosaicartnow.blogspot.com. If you think your readers would be interested in what we do on the blog, then please by all means add it to your Blogroll if you’d like.
    Warm regards and happy travels!
    Nancie Mills Pipgras

  2. proverbs6to10 says:

    Hi Nancie – thanks for the lovely comments. There is a lot more to come on mosaics and I hope to make the comments more informative; I was a little rushed last time. Your links have been added. If you can reciprocate that would be nice. Maybe you would like to send me a piece about what you do and I can publish it here? Tom

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