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Julian The Apostate – Last Pagan Emperor

At the end of June AD 363 in the north of what is now Iraq, a Roman emperor died from a fatal wound after a battle and with him the last hope of paganism in the Roman empire died. By … Continue reading

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Ruins of Forgotten Byzantine Port Yield Some Answers, Yet Mysteries Remain

After a drought revealed the seawall of a Byzantine Empire harbor town near Istanbul, archeologists excavated what was a thriving ancient center. But how does it fit into the city’s 1,600-year history? By Jennifer Pinkowski. First published in Scientific American, … Continue reading

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Event: AD 312 Constantine’s Victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge – British Museum, 3 November 2012

This sounds like a cracker! The Roman Society and the Association for Roman Archaeology will mark the anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge with a series of four lectures exploring the significance and legacy of the battle, the … Continue reading

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In Bulgaria, Roman Grandeur East of Italy

The Balkans define the meeting of East and West, between what we know as the Western Roman Empire and the so-called Byzantine Empire. The fault line of history and different religious orthodoxies, A true melting pot of cultures which has … Continue reading

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On the anniversary of the critical battle of Manzikert

On hearing of the approach of a large Byzantine army, the Tukish ruler raised his siege of Aleppo and marched into Anatolia to fight the advancing forces. by Niki Gamm ISTANBUL from Hürriyet Daily News The Seljuk Turks first entered … Continue reading

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Underground cells Ottoman Dungeons

The Anemas Dungeon is more like a prison than a dungeon and was built in Byzantine times to house prisoners who had unsuccessfully revolted against the Byzantine emperor. It is part of the land walls on the west side of … Continue reading

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The Nicene Creed

The  Nicene Creed has been the common expression of Christian faith for over 1,600 years. Despite some disputes between the church in east and west, the Creed remains something that binds all Christians. Over this holy period of Easter when … Continue reading

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