The Eagle and The Swan: A Modern Take on an Ancient Tale Launches

iPadA new book about the ever fascinating Theodora. Following the pre-release of the first four instalments of the story, Erudition is pleased to announce that the complete edition of The Eagle and the Swan was launched on 7th November.

It is AD 518 in Constantinople. Theodora was a circus performer and prostitute, famed for her notorious interpretation of the “Leda and the Swan” myth, before catching the eye of a clever young military officer. The soldier and the swan dancer set out on a treacherous path to power that would lead all the way to the throne. The events that ensue, amid the struggles and politics of a society in flux, will leave a city in smouldering ruins.

Despite having been supremely powerful and progressively liberal, Theodora is little known today, having been cruelly maligned by history. While Strickland was researching the architecture of the Hagia Sophia, her curiosity was piqued as she encountered numerous references to Theodora. Strickland became ardent about setting the record straight and wrote The Eagle and the Swan to give Theodora a voice.

Strickland is author of the bestselling The Annotated Mona Lisa. She is also a regular correspondent on the subjects of art, architecture and cultural topics for various publications, such as The Christian Science Monitor and Art in America, and has contributed feature stories to The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

The Eagle and the Swan represents a new approach to historical fiction publishing. A Readers Club allowed members to sample the beginning of the story first, and to contribute to the project via feedback and discussion forums. Members will also have an opportunity to obtain a 50% discount on the full publication and will have access to beta versions of the enhanced publication prior to its launch.

What are readers saying about The Eagle and the Swan?

“A fascinating time in Byzantium made more fascinating by Strickland’s compelling storytelling. I am impatient to read it all, and strongly recommend it.”

“I look forward to reading much more about Theodora and her climb from the bottom of the ladder to its top rungs. Thank you to Carol Strickland for uncovering her history and making her come so vividly to life.”

“LOVE THIS BOOK! By the fifth page I was already riveted by the characters – I could smell the wafting perfume in the throne room and feel the chill in the monk’s chambers. I can’t wait for the next instalment!”

A comprehensive website featuring further background to the title and a blog written by Strickland on related historical and current affairs is available at The publication will be available directly from the publisher via The Eagle and the Swan website and on the Amazon Kindle store on 7th November 2013.

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