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Banishing Eve

This series will cover the role of Byzantium and the Orthodox Church in the role of women in Christianity. Historian Bettany Hughes (yes her again – she has been busy!) uses the latest scholarship to take us back to the … Continue reading

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A Sinai Illuminated Manuscript of the Heavenly Ladder: Spiritual Ascents through Art

Father Justin, Librarian of the Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sinai, discusses how the illuminated manuscript of The Ladder of Divine Ascent provides insights into the spirituality of Sinai and the theology of art in the Orthodox Church. Supported by The … Continue reading

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Nineteenth Annual Runciman Lecture – Byzantine Architecture reconfigured in early Islamic Syria

Professor Robert Hillenbrand The Great Hall at Kings’ College, London was packed again this year as over 250 people enjoyed the lecture by Professor Robert Hillenbrand. The subject matter of “Byzantine Architecture reconfigured in early Islamic Syria” did not at … Continue reading

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Icons and Iconoclasm: Religious Imagery in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Another audio recording from events running along with the Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition Listen here. You will have to download but it is only 30 Mb. In contrast to the polytheistic religions and their exuberant depictions of their many gods, Christianity, Judaism … Continue reading

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The origins of the Russian religious icon

Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon travels through time to unlock the world of Russian art. In this episode he explores the origins of the Russian religious icon. This is available for only three more days on BBC iPlayer – act quickly … Continue reading

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The Crusades: The War for the Holy Land by Thomas Asbridge and Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades by Jonathan Phillips

Malise Ruthven admires two books that ask how modern conflicts have come to be clothed in the language of medieval holy wars   The historian Marc Bloch, who died a martyr’s death when shot by the Nazis, observed that “once … Continue reading

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The Saintly Spirit of Father Christmas

Cheery and chubby, Father Christmas towers over our annual festival. Yet St Nicholas, his Christian inspiration, was a far more intriguing character, says Alastair Sooke. Nothing captures the commercialisation of Christmas quite as effectively as the history of Santa Claus. … Continue reading

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