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The Romans as Viewed by Arabic Authors in the 9th and 10th Centuries A.D.

This paper appears in the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (Special Issue) Vol. 3, No. 10 (2012) and is by Elias Giannakis. Introduction: Of the peoples that the Arabic authors of the 9th and 10th century showed special interest were … Continue reading

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Istanbul Patriarchate purchases world’s third oldest church

The world’s reputedly third oldest church, the Byzantine Başmelekler Church, or Taksiyarhon Church, was purchased by the Istanbul patriarchate on Sept. 10, the head priest of Halki Seminary, Professor Elpidophoros Lambriniadis, has announced. First published in Hurriyet Daily News The … Continue reading

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On the anniversary of the critical battle of Manzikert

On hearing of the approach of a large Byzantine army, the Tukish ruler raised his siege of Aleppo and marched into Anatolia to fight the advancing forces. by Niki Gamm ISTANBUL from Hürriyet Daily News The Seljuk Turks first entered … Continue reading

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Cheating is as old as the Olympics

Before the event started, nine athletes were tested positive for “sophisticated doping” and banned from the 2012 Olympics. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. For as long as there have been games, there have been stories of cheating. Competitive sports — an … Continue reading

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Cappella Romana – Live in Greece

Cappella Romana, our favourite modern Byzantine musicians are a Portland, Oregon choir that specializes in Eastern Orthodox music. This week they have released their latest recording: “Live in Greece.” The album shows off the choir’s strengths in music old and … Continue reading

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West Meets East: Looking for Byzantium in Italy

If you want a change from reports of British cycling success in the Tour de France (well done Wiggo!) or the Olympics, then you could follow the exploits of PhD student Frank McGough as he tours round Italy this summer … Continue reading

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Church of Saint Georgi (George), Kurbinovo, Prespa, Republic of Macedonia

I made a recent visit to beautiful Lake Ohrid to walk parts of the Via Egnatia and to see as many of the famous churches and icons as possible. A local guide recommended a visit to one of the least … Continue reading

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Historical novels from Marie Heese and Ross Laidlaw

I have just returned from walking Hadrian’s Wall – which I highly recommend – during which I decided to read some Roman historical fiction, and I thought I would share these books with you. by Tom Sawford I came across … Continue reading

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New! The History of Byzantium podcast

Those of us who followed Mike Duncan’s excellent The History of Rome podcast were pretty distraught when he ended the podcast just a few weeks ago after four years and nearly 200 episodes during which Mike set a new standard … Continue reading

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Underground cells Ottoman Dungeons

The Anemas Dungeon is more like a prison than a dungeon and was built in Byzantine times to house prisoners who had unsuccessfully revolted against the Byzantine emperor. It is part of the land walls on the west side of … Continue reading

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BBC’s Chronicle – The Fall of Constantinople

Apologies for the repeat but I did not want you to think that I had forgotten this historic day. This video is well worth watching again, or even for the first time :-)…. Here is a little gem and a … Continue reading

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Bankers at the Gates

FEW Greeks have a good word to say about the European banking system these days. They believe it’s the real reason for their current crisis, having pushed easy money on their politicians and now demanding a pound of financial flesh. … Continue reading

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Recent wordscene posts about Mystras

We have recently featured some of Peter Webscott’s posts from his blog ‘wordscene‘. He mailed me a few days ago to highlight a couple more about Mystras. I hope you enjoy them. They include some good original photographs. Mystras: last … Continue reading

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Reviews of Fetih 1453

We highlighted this new movie a few weeks ago and it caused a reasonable amount of debate in the comments section which was probably inevitable. To add to this we now have some artictic reviews which may continue the discussion! … Continue reading

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Event June 14 2012: Creating a New Imperial Capital – The Case of Ravenna

Creating a New Imperial Capital – The Case of Ravenna An illustrated lecture by Judith Herrin, Emeritus Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, King’s College London. Followed by an informal reception at the Great Hall, Hellenic Centre. Thursday 14 … Continue reading

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