The first Byzantine Museum in the Peloponnese opens in Argos

Just in time for your summer holiday visit to the Peloponnese, a new museum dedicated to Byzantine history and culture has opened its doors in Argos.

It opened its gates to the public on 9 March 2017.The foundation of the Argolida Byzantine Museum is part of the Ministry of Culture and Sports’, and of the Argos-Mycenae municipality, and is aimed towards the establishment of a dynamic cultural network in the city of Argos. The museum is located in a building that was once a barrack, “Kapodistrias Barracks”, which was built in the 17th century and was originally used as a hospital by the Venetians. It occupies a wide area in the city centre.

Exhibits include ceramics and sculptures, as well as coins, mosaics, frescoes and a variety of other objects. The visitor is apparently introduced to characteristic aspects of Argolida, stretching from the 4th century to the modern period.

The museum will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 2 pm. It will be closed on Mondays.

Admission (until March 3):General admission: 2,00 €Reduced: 2,00 €
Admission (April 1 onwards):General admission: 4,00 €Reduced: 2,00 €

Address: Kapodistrias Barracks, 212 00 Argos
Tel: 27510 68937 – 27520 27502 • Fax: 27510 68977

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