Despite being in rapture to the divine Bettany, I would agree with many of the points that Marissa makes here. Whether it is presentational style, or just not enough time (certainly true) this series was a bit of a disappointment.


Recently, the BBC has come out with a three-episode series about the role of women in the world’s religions, titled Divine Women and presented by Bettany Hughes. As you might imagine, the scope of this topics is so great that one might struggle to cover it adequately with ten episodes, let alone with three, but the show manages to highlight some of the most fascinating characters in the history of religion’s women. They range in date from early female devotional statues over 12,000 years old to the ongoing worship of female goddesses in modern Hinduism, and many places in between.

As interesting as the series was, however, there were a few nagging issues with the presentation of the subject matter which became more and more difficult to ignore as the show turned to the so-called ‘Dark Ages’, the early part of the mediaeval period with which I am particularly familiar…

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