A hot and sultry afternoon in Greece and we are exploring some of the mountain villages on our way back through the Mani from visiting Mystras. We park on the edge of the tiny village of Kastania (‘chestnut trees’) because the road doesn’t seem to go any further. Or rather it does, but I just don’t fancy chancing my arm in a hire car along what looks like narrow, steep tracks.

Kastania is on the western side of the Taygetos mountains in the area of the Peloponnese known as the Mani.

Kastania from the mountains - photo courtesy of John Chapman

Low cloud covers the tops of the Taygetos range as we walk in to the village square and flop down on rush-bottomed chairs in the cafe. Time for a cool drink and to get a sense of what this place is like.

The village has a small centre with the eighteenth century Doulakis tower off to the side. Kolokotronis, the…

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  1. Tom,

    Many thanks for re-blogging this!


  2. proverbs6to10 says:

    No problems Peter. I love these small discoveries. I am off to Ohrid soon which is full of Byzantine marvels.

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