Byzantium 330-1453 for $57.50

Something that may interest some of you. I have been contacted by a New York publisher who has copies of the 2008 catalogue from the Byzantium: 330-1453 exhibition. The copies are available at $57.50 which is a lot lower than the prices on Amazon. I make nothing from this, but you could be pleased to have this wonderful book.

We are art book publishers located in New York. We acquired the remaining copies of the Royal Academy catalog BYZANTIUM 330-1453. Our price is only $57.50, much less than offered by Amazon through your store. Perhaps you would like to link to our web-site instead of Amazon’s. Or perhaps you would like to publicize this to the 174 followers of your blog. Here is our link.

This magnificent book is the catalog to a landmark exhibition that took place at the Royal Academy in London in 2008.

The extraordinary artistic and cultural riches of Constantinople and its empire are here on display. More than 320 Byzantine treasures drawn from monasteries, museums, and institutions worldwide are illustrated and recorded.

At the height of its power, Byzantium extended throughout much of southern Europe, the Balkans, Anatolia, and the Middle East. Authoritative texts by nearly 100 leading scholars tell the story of the Byzantine empire and its cultural development. Spectacular illustrations of artifacts that include icons, wall paintings, mosaics, manuscripts, ivories, metalwork, and jewellery reveal the distinct style and character of Byzantine art and its influence on both Europe and Islam.

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1 Response to Byzantium 330-1453 for $57.50

  1. Bob Atchison says:

    Wow, what a great price – I contacted them today to order a copy!

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