Unique Byzantine seal found in ancient Thracian city of Perperokon

10 September 2010 | 17:54 | FOCUS News Agency

Bulgaria Sofia. A unique Byzantine seal has been found in the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, archaeologist Nikoklay Ovcharov announced for FOCUS News Agency.

The seal is of patrician Teodorokan. The seal is made of lead. In the past such seals were used for decree-letters. These seals in some way resemble post cards. They bear the name, the surname, the title and the rank of the person.

“The seal is a unique item because it belongs to a person that is very important for the Bulgarian history. This patrician lived in the X-XII century and is well-known in the historical sources. He is a person who had a very important role in the decisive battle between Bulgaria and Byzantium – a gigantic battle between Samuel of Bulgaria and Basil II the Bulgar-slayer. According to the historical sources in 999 patrician Teodorokan was appointed commander-in-chief of the Byzantine troops in Philippopol – Plovdiv,” Professor Ovcharov said.

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