How to put together a Byzantine exhibition

I never fail to think about the Royal Academy’s Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition without a slight tinge of regret. We only managed one visit. Whilst we made the absolute most of that I do wish that we had gone back again.

The events put on leading up to the exhibition were a highlight for me, and the one I remember with most joy was a presentation by Robin Cormack and his co-curator talking about the struggles, challenges and fun that they had when planning the exhibition.

In this short video from the BBC, Robin Cormack takes us through some of the challenges involved in making it happen. Enjoy this and also listen to his podcast which goes into more detail. Click on the photo to watch.

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1 Response to How to put together a Byzantine exhibition

  1. LauraDAL says:

    Great to know about this kind of backstage information on big exhibitions like Byzantium 330-1453. I wish I could have been in the UK to see it! Events like this are very important enterprises that keep the Byzantine culture alive. Thanks for posting.

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