The Ancient World with Bettany Hughes – 4oD – Channel 4

For Bettany’s many fans out there it is still possible to watch some of the episodes from her recent series ‘The Ancient World’ shown on Channel 4.

It is available by clicking this link – beware the episodes have an on-demand shelf life and they are preceded by some advertisements. As I write there are four episodes available ranging from 8 hours left to expiry to 21 days. They are:

When the Moors Ruled in Europe (103 mins)

Bettany Hughes traces the story of the mysterious and misunderstood Moors, the Islamic society that ruled in Spain for 700 years, but whose legacy was virtually erased from Western history.

Athens: The Truth about Democracy (94 mins)

Bettany Hughes goes in search of the truth about the ‘Golden Age’ of Ancient Athens, asking how a barren rock wedged between the East and West became the first democracy 2,500 years ago.

The Spartans (142 mins)

Bettany Hughes chronicles the rise and fall of one of the most extreme civilisations the world has ever seen, one founded on discipline, sacrifice and frugality where the onus was on the…

Helen of Troy (103 mins)

She is ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’; the woman blamed for the Trojan War – a conflict that caused countless deaths – but who was the real Helen of Troy?

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