Walking the Via Egnatia 2010

The Via Egnatia Foundation is finalising the plans for the second and final section of the walk, or caravan, along the Via Egnatia which will be completed in two phases in May/June and July this year. The caravan will start in north-west Greece and finish in Europe’s capital of culture, the Queen of Cities, Constantinople (Istanbul – and marvellous it is too!).

Note: the first leg started on 2 May BUT it is possible to join the groups even at short notice. This is not like a package holiday! If you want to join at short notice contact Paula Jansen, paam.jansen[at]gmail.com

The full itinerary can be found on their website here.

A description of how they see the journey progressing is on this link.

If you like Roman history; Byzantium; Roman roads; Dutch people; walking; adventure; surprises; or singing Slovenian ‘Angels’ this is for you. I guarantee you will be given  a warm welcome by a polyglot group. All you have to bring is a few Euros, your enthusiasm, and a talent.

Watch the video from last year to visualise the variety of experiences that you may have. Apply for the walk here.

Tim Lunt’s great nine minute video which takes in many of the highlights of the 2009 walk to Ohrid, and has the wonderful singing of the ‘Angels’ (and me dancing – we shall say no more). A timeless classic.

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