Banishing Eve

This series will cover the role of Byzantium and the Orthodox Church in the role of women in Christianity.

Historian Bettany Hughes (yes her again – she has been busy!) uses the latest scholarship to take us back to the 2nd century AD, as pagan Europe began to embrace Christianity. What emerged out of this crucible of religious change marked the beginning of the end for women as religious leaders for a millennium and half. Common wisdom would have it that women went from goddesses to flower arrangers in just over a century. But why – and was it that straightforward?

Bettany finds that the history of women in the early church is written more in the fragments of stone left behind than in the scriptures. She visits Rome and traces the activities of women in the early church as they fought hand in hand with men to see their faith survive. Things got more difficult after Christianity became the recognised religion of the Roman Empire and beyond. But this is not just a tale of capitulation and annihilation; women fought doggedly for their positions. From Nicea to Northumbria, Bettany follows the decline – but not quite fall – of women in the early church.

On the best radio station in the world (and available online)  Sunday 21 March, 13:30 on BBC Radio 4

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4 Responses to Banishing Eve

  1. Qlib says:

    I would rather have had a longer slot, even if that meant less episodes, but I think this important and fascinating subject deserves more time than they seem to have allocated it.

  2. proverbs6to10 says:

    I agree. But she will have a better timeslot on this series than her Byzantium series 2-3 years ago. I recall only two or three programmes to cover such a huge subject. It was waste.

    This ‘Eve’ theme is one she likes and covered in the one hour programme she had on Channel 4 recently – Daughters of Eve which was good but too much packed into a short programme. But aren’t they all like that these days?

  3. andrew says:

    Hello Blog master!

    I am desperate to listen to the Radio 4 show ‘Banishing Eve’ I was wondering if you knew how I could download it/ buy it/ steal it – from somewhere!



  4. proverbs6to10 says:

    Hi Andrew, I guess there are always ways of grabbing stuff off the web, but I think the BBC guards its programmes jealously. You can listen at the Listen Again feature on Radio 4, but I believe that you may have to listen within 7 days of original broadcast. Go to this link and you can listen to episode two


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