12 Byzantine Rulers Podcast by Lars Brownworth

Lars Brownworth

Lars Brownworth

I am sure many of you will already be familiar with this popular podcast from Lars Brownworth, first published in 2005 and taking nearly three years to complete (Lars is not noted for his speed of production!), these 12 episodes are entertaining and informative.

Lars has a 12 Byzantine Rulers website where you can download the podcasts, or you can subscribe via iTunes.

These podcasts stand out as they are pretty much unique (no one else does much in the way of podcasts about Byzantium), however, they lack the originality of perspective and humour that the brilliant Mike Duncan brings to his weekly History of Rome podcast. They are a useful adjunct to the essential history of Byzantium for the everyman, written by John Julius Norwich, which was probably an important source of inspiration for Lars.

Brownworth is now engaged in a new podcast project (which again is frustratingly slow) the Norman Centuries, also available on iTunes and from its own website.

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