A Beautiful Song and a Beautiful Voice

This is my friend from Slovenia, Mateja Gorjup, who has such a beautiful voice, singing an old Serbian love song in one of the churches in Svete Gore in Slovenia. Enjoy!

She has provided us with a short explanation of this beautiful song “Marijo, deli bela kumrijo”:

“This is an old Serbian song dedicated to those who have travelled to distant parts seeking work. Since Mary’s loved one is far away, it is difficult to be happy and cheerful. Her lovelorn state makes her step slow and leaden; her voice loses its brightness and strength. And so this song describes her mood of deep longing.

The local Aga is a curious and careful onlooker. He sees how the girl’s step has become “soft” and her speech “quiet”. He supposes this to be the result of her carrying heavy water pitchers (stomno, stomnite) or wearing weighty encrusted necklaces (derdana). The girl, full of youth and strength, roundly rejects the idea that work or wearing the necklaces by which she is known to her beloved could be called a burden. The only heavy and almost unbearable burden she carries, given her youth, is separation from the man she loves!”


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