Mosaic Hunting – Update

Just a quick update on our trip to Italy. The final bookings have been made and we leave in a week or two. We have added Concordia to our itinerary. This is an interesting place near Aquileia. I have found an excerpt from an online encyclopedia as follows:

Cathedral of Concordia Sagittaria.

Cathedral of Concordia Sagittaria.

CONCORDIA (mod. Concordia Sagittaria), an ancient town of Venetia, in Italy, 16 ft. above sea-level, 31 m. W. of Aquileia, at the junction of roads to Altinum and Patavium, to Opitergium (and thence either to Vicetia and Verona, or Feltria and Tridentum), to Noricum by the valley of the Tilaventus (Tagliamento), and to Aquileia. It was a mere village until the time of Augustus, who made it a colony. Under the later empire it was one of the most important towns of Italy; it had a strong garrison and a factory of missiles for the army. The cemetery of the garrison has been excavated since 1873, and a large number of important inscriptions, the majority belonging to the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th centuries, have been discovered. It was taken and destroyed by Attila in A.D. 452. Considerable remains of the ancient town have been found – parts of the city walls, the sites of the forum and the theatre, and probably that of the arms factory. The objects found are preserved at Portogruaro, i 4 m. to the N. The see of Concordia was founded at an early period, and transferred in 1339 to Portogruaro, where it still remains.

Main sites are:

  • Trichora Martyrium (350 AD)
  • Remains of the Roman Bridge (1st-2nd century AD)
  • Bishop’s Papalce (15th century)
  • Baptistery (11th century)
  • Cathedral of St. Stephen (1466)
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