New Book – The world of European roads – from antiquity in the early modern times

I have discovered a new book on ancient European roads by Thomas Szasbo. The Via Egnatia is mentioned. The link below is a poor Live Search Translation, but for those interested in the Via Egnatia and the wider road system of the Romans, this book may be of interest. The article mentions the Via Egnatia as follows:

“Therefore Szabó has published a collection now: “The world of European roads – from antiquity in the early modern times” (Böhlau Verlag Cologne 2009). Two articles to treat the Byzantine road system. The main fernstraßen in the Kingdom were the ancient ways of the Roman Empire. So also the Crusader heere the Via Egnatia travelled, by the Hafenort Dyrrhachion (today’s Albanian Durres) Thessaloniki and Constantinople in the Holy land. The route was the Eastern continuation broken from the Adriatic up in the late Byzantine day via Appia and the most important country Verbindungsweg of Rome to Constantinople. As imperial armies, pilgrims and retailers took the ancient via Diagonalis Sigindunum (the current Belgrade) to Constantinople, at least until the twelfth century. Later, the Ottomans were this road before the gates of Vienna.”

Book title: European roads – from antiquity in the early modern world Author: Szabó, Thomas

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